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Welcome to ThinkingCAP!


ThinkingCAP is an innovative program that provides a fun, safe environment for your children to learn and play! Through an

innovative mix of multi-sensory learning methods, interactive technologies, and skilled, passionate teachers, ThinkingCAP

helps prepare children for academic and social success in

school and beyond.


Our curriculum builds not only your child's self-esteem, but also

the intellectual, physical, social and emotional aspects of their development that will lead to success in future schooling and in

life. This curriculum is designed to ensure that your child has the opportunity to reach their full potential. Our program utilizes both a developmental approach along with an emphasis on academics.


We believe children are constantly learning and offer a wide

variety of activities to stimulate their natural curiosity. They are encouraged to explore their environment by using "hands-on" experiences through which they gain knowledge and a greater understanding of their world. This is key in promoting self-esteem.

The social-emotional aspect of our program is one of the most

valuable experiences your child will gain. Children are the key to

our future, we are privileged to be a part of it. We want the

absolute best for the children in our care, always. It is what

we strive for, it is who we are.


Parents are amazed at the variety, value, and quality of our

programs and staff.


Kids love every visit!


ThinkingCAP NY

82-66 Austin St.

Kew Gardens, NY 11415

Phone: (718) 480-3709