May 30, 2022

Enrichment Classes

Enrichment Class catalog
Wacky Sports

In a variety of structured sports after-schoolers learn to work together in friendly competition and team work.


Introductory level dance class emphasizing technique, form, fundamentals and understanding of the dance vocabulary.

Language Immersion

Beginner level Italian focusing on colors, numbers, alphabet, beginning phrases, holiday incorporation, short poems and stories.


Intermediate level focusing on conversation, dialogue, speaking with one another, articles, feminine and masculine nouns.


Kids learn programming concepts through engaging games!


Beginner level entails drag and drop programming, exploring codes before reading, creating personalized characters, building levels and developing critical thinking.


Intermediate level entails JavaScript and swift programming, transition to real code, designing games, building characters and learning object-oriented programming.


Combining facets of science, technology, engineering and math kids gain confidence in their ability to manifest their own creations using their imagination and intellect.

Public Speaking

Challenging kids to step out of their comfort zone with the goal of gaining confidence to speak in front of other students and peers.

Reading Bear

Interactive story telling utilizing children’s classics combined with improvisational exercises and creative movement.


Kid friendly topics give kids a platform to voice their opinions teaching an appropriate manner to shed light on their different perspectives.


Kids learn to identify the chess pieces and practice their movements across the board. They learn sportsmanship of the game in monthly tournaments.

Stranger Danger Karate

Children learn tools and tactics to help get them safely out of sticky, awkward and uncomfortable situations with strangers. They will learn the foundations of self defense and train with a certified Sensei in an effort to achieve their first or next belt. This class is great for esteem building, discipline and gaining self-confidence.


Young artists delve into the world of comic book art, cartooning and a fun intro to pop culture.  In this ongoing art class, students learn how to draw their own cartoons, characters, and comics from basic shapes and lines. It’s a great intro to this kid-appealing genre of art and perfect for fans of manga, anime, graphic novels, and comics!